Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Latest Lumber

Dubbed the ‘Fat Fish’, the Sea Bass is a 6’ 8” twin fin (FCS).   Again Stu and Lana Holmes had a lot of input when I designed the board and I am pretty amped to see this one in the water.

This is the first version of the skimboard designed and hot coated by my 9 year old son.  The coolest thing about this project was how stoked he was to be a part of it.  I turned around briefly when I was done polishing it and he had it set up outside and was shooting pics of it with his own camera.  He later raided my wax stash and I had to tackle him or he would have had it based coated and waxed before I got that shot of it. 

Well I need a break from all this shaping so we are off to Tofino this weekend with a huge crew of people to camp, hangout and of course surf.  I can’t wait to see the latest boards hit the ocean.  Brent’s bringing the camera to capture more footage for the promo video and I am hoping to get some ideas and inspiration for a few more board designs.  I’ll keep you posted….

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