Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Lydia"....the other woman

Why Lydia you ask?  Well, I was doing my best at impersonating a wallflower at Erin's Christmas party when I overheard her speaking with a group of nurses.  She was commenting at how I spent 'too much time' with the 'surfboard' and referred to it as 'The Other Woman'.  I was stunned, shocked, perhaps even aghast.  I had taken such great care to ensure that it didn't come to this.  I did the dishes, fixed the kids lunches and even cleaned the bathrooms a few times so that my afternoons and evenings spent in the garage wouldn't be miscontrued as trying to avoid time with her.  Besides, I thought it was a great way for me to get out of Erin's hair while she studied.  But there it was, all that was beautiful about this wooden surfboard was dashed upon the rocks.  I felt dirty, the thought that Erin felt this surfboard would replace her.  I had to think quick.  There was no need for Erin to feel threatened by the surfboard.  So I blurted out, "Baby, you don't have to feel threatened by 'Lydia' she's just a friend."  I smiled at her, she rolled her eyes and chuckled, and smiled back.  Who could feel threatened by Lydia.  We didn't know any Lydia's.  I don't know of any movie stars or models named Lydia.  By naming the surfboard Lydia I somehow managed to remove any glamour or sexiness from this so-called 'other woman' therefore removing any guilt I once had with continuing to spend time with her.  But pictures say a thousand words and I think in her own special way she is both glamorous and sexy....

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